Turf, Turfing and Turf Laying

Lawn & Garden Turfing in South West London, West London & Surrey

The environmental importance of turf is a significant one. Turf is the ideal surface and medium to collect rainfall. It can absorb large amounts of water in a short time, infiltrating through the soil and into underground sources of water, thereby helping to reduce surface run-off and localised flooding. Turf also increases the effectiveness of rainfall which is vital for groundwater recharge - it's because of drastically reduced levels of groundwater that some of the Water Authorities, including Thames Water and Sutton and East Surrey Water, introduce hosepipe bans.

The success of a garden laid with new garden or lawn turf is accredited to an exacting preparation and turf laying process. Newly laid turf will grow best when the soil is prepared in such a way as to encourage deep, rapid rooting which encourages establishment of a healthy new lawn. Excellent quality turf is not enough on its own to ensure a beautiful lawn. Poor soil and poor soil preparation will cause the turf to decline and even die.

Topia Landscaping source and supply high quality, yet cost effective garden and lawn turf, from hard wearing, shade tolerant varieties with good colour and texture that roots quickly, to those with grass mixes specific to your garden’s needs. Turf is subject to changes in the seasons, variations in weather and the specific conditions found in any one garden, and some gardens can suffer from restricted airflow due to fences, walls and inconsistent natural light levels, requiring different grass species according to the garden’s own microclimate. As professionals qualified to HND level in turfgrass management, we’ll advise you on the best grass for your garden’s turfing requirements and will skillfully create an instant lawn for your garden with advice on immediate aftercare and on-going care and attention to maintain a lush, healthy lawn. We have laid new lawns across London and Surrey, but are not restricted to these areas, so please do get in touch with your turfing requirements.