Gargen design and construction

Garden Design & Construction in South West, West & Central London & Surrey

Do you love your garden, or need help getting into that kindred space with it? The majority of our clients approach us because they are unfulfilled in some way with their garden’s design and construction. They feel little kinship towards their outside space and sometimes lack the expertise or time to transform it into their ideal garden design. Often their existing garden space was inherited from a home move, and there’s no sense of connection with the existing garden design. Having no clearly defined place to start redesigning can be an overwhelming feat. Similarly, extending the home can leave the garden isolated from the house from a design point of view; why invest in the property and leave the garden to its own resources? If you have a garden design which isn’t working for you, we can help.

We work with a few select London and Surrey based garden designers, and can offer designs from the traditional to the contemporary. We have an in-depth knowledge of landscaping and landscaping building practices, along with it's techniques and know our plants and their growth habits. We understand the elements of garden design - the quality of a garden’s design and it's construction is the key to it's success.

There’s no set formula; no pre-formed pattern - a garden designed and constructed for you and your specific outdoor needs. We aim for optimum results with minimum inconvenience, and we’ll keep you advised every step of the way. What happens next is over to you: A complete re-design? A staggered build to suit your personal and financial commitments? A year-upon-year expansion? Whatever you’re looking for, we offer a range of garden design and construction services that can cater to your specific needs. Qualified to Higher National Diploma level, you can be assured that our professionalism, approach and passion for detail will go towards creating a garden that will continue to please.

Above all, gardens are to be enjoyed, and the process of creating one to your needs and requirements should be an enjoyable experience for you. Let us join you on that journey to design, build, appreciate and value the pleasure that a professionally designed and well constructed garden design brings, for many years to come. We've been creating beautiful gardens across South West London, West London, central London and Surrey, so please do get in touch with your garden design and construction needs.